Killing Time

Well when you look at this  do not think it was written on a purpose, because there is no purpose in it apart from the fact that I am sitting at my desk trying to kill time and wait my shift out.

I can leave now, but it is raining cats and dogs outside and I would be drenched as a fish by the time i reach home in my bike

And there is a wise saying that says “ an idle mind is devils workshop “…. not trying to imply I am a devil  J

So I am picking a topic in random and looking at the history the one thing that happens quite very often nowadays is having a bad day ( 90% of which is because I do not pick up the calls of my girl friend in time and by the time I reply back she is asleep. This is turning out to be costly affair because attending the calls seems to be much lucrative than buying chocolates and flowers every other day to pacify her)

The rest 10% is because when I get blamed for something that I did not do or is not under my control. And few people like you and me have the courtesy to take that gibberish accusation with a smiling face and not reacting…..

I so wish life was like ally mcbeal in which you can actually slap or murder the person who does that…..

I looked up an article and have attached it…. how to make the best of days gone bad…..It looks ok but its on the public domain….

So I am going to let you in on my personal secret… ( its Trademark of Vivek Menon ( well that is my real name J ) )

This is what i do…….. go home…. close my door. Play some great music… light some aromatic candles .. and follow the path of my idol….

If you are wondering who that is


There is a pledge that we do and seems to be much true as well… it goes

“ Man made beer , god made weed and in god we trust “ ( I am god fearing you know )

If the herbs aint available, then we have what we called to good old jack..


And still if you feel there is some grudge left … then fear not…. go to the dream world and make the person who made you feel bad, make them walk the plank



One thought on “Killing Time

  1. Vivek,

    Thank you for this.  I read it several times through the day and wanted to wait until I could respond appropriately. My day was on its way to being straight-up crap until I talked to you. So this email was a great big bonus. You are there for me as much as I am there for you, and you always have been, so let us give ALL the credit that is deserved here for having each other’s backs.

    You seem able to always know what to say and what to do to make things better, and you do it effortlessly. AND you keep your cool and stay calm under pressure, even when you are having days that are also straight-up crap and are ass-deep in crap, getting hit with a million problems all at once.  I admire that and wish I had some of that ability. God knows I need it. LOL.

    And, yes, I know Vivek is your name, and I always feel very guilty for calling you Vaughn. I have always only “known” you as Vaughn, but it still feels wrong to call you that.

    You are my favorite “kicking ass and taking names” partner here (LOL), and I know I can always come to you with anything, and you understand. I do not want that to change, ever. I want you to really know how thankful I was that you called this morning, your support and reassurance when I really needed it, and then this email. And thankful for you being you. 

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