May be it is the simple things that matter

Let me not make a comparison to other people, because they might be doing it and it is I who forgot to live….

Last week , I was very frustrated with my work, my so called non existent love life and all other things adding to it….. I was waiting for my roommate to pick me back from work and my phone had run out of charge. I was panicking thinking how will I call my roommate up and tell him the exact location I was standing….


But then it struck me, why am i making it a big issue. What is the worse that can happen. He won’t find me and go back home.  All I have to do is walk back to the office , borrow a cell phone charger from someone ,charge the phone , and get a cab back home…

I smiled at myself and sat down near a tree on the road. For some reason, I looked up into the sky, I should say it was beautiful. No moon that day, but the sky was filled with stars. It made me smile, and that is when i started thinking, when was the last time, I took time off to look at the sky and marvel its beauty. The answer was , I dont know. May be 10 years back…. I was so messed up in things, i totally forgot the value of appreciating small things in life… May it is the way I grew up.

When I was a kid , I was happy when my mom used to tell me– good job son. But would that make me happy now ? Did I start measuring happiness with the numbers written on my pay check ? Well, I guess I did , and that is the sad part.

Will I be able to change it, may be or may be not. But there is one thing that I can do, and that is to start appreciating small things…

Most people atleast if not all, love seen kids play. Have you ever thought why, I think it is because you can feel that aura of selflessness and selfishness blended together in them, to see them do things without giving a damn about what others think. May be some part of us is able to relate and we are able to relive that dream of ours through them….

I cannot do everything that i want without giving a damn, else I will not get any more paychecks 🙂 ……


But I have decided one thing, at least once a week I will appreciate small things. Keep my phones switched off and try connecting with myself. May be look at the starlit sky, listen to the birds chirping, listen to the waves of sea, walk on barefoot , get wet and play in the rain… But I would take a pause and keep at least a few minutes to rediscover that kid in me….


I am not sure how many people feel like i do. But if you do feel, do not regret the changes or who you are now. Just take time and relish the little things in life.


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