Good Son ??

I had a session about values and vision of life and how it aligns with one’s career goal. We had to write down some goals , top 10 . One of those for me was ” To be a good son”…


This got me thinking, we as a kid had things like my parent should do this and that etc etc ,dreams and wishes of things we expect from them. But what do they expect back from us. What defines us as a good child. Because parents tend to be proud and supportive of whatever we do.


Is there such a benchmark, or are we too selfish to find out what those parameters are…


One thought on “Good Son ??

  1. Most parents I know wish their children to be happy, whatever that child’s vision of happiness may be.
    What do we expect? Well, I held a tiny helpless hand on its way into this world. I hope that same strong hand will be there to hold my -hopefully- old frail hand as I transition from this world to the next

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