#Dear life#man vs wild#fun#in god we trust# life is precious # friends for life

I don’t usually like hash tags but, this one deserved it….

At the end of all this i realized

  1. Great friends always care and will go to any limits to know that you are safe
  2. Travel with people you care for
  3. Never let your cool out, and hang onto your wits
  4. How much corrupt or immoral people say police are, their rescue team is one hell of a kick ass team
  5. I have always been an introvert, find it difficult to start conversation with new people, until i know them well ( apart from clients of course). I can’t change in a day, but will start to socialize more.
  6. Even if it was my last day, I would have had no regrets at all

It all started when few of my colleagues said we can need to do something fun when I come to pune. We all decided to go for water rappelling in Lonovla, around 400 – 450 ft.

Started the day at 6 30 and boarded the bus. We reached the destination around at around 8:30. After reaching we started taking pictures before breakfast serving began. The place was so serene, with lush green trees everywhere. The best part was it was raining continuously.



We were treated with smoking hot Vada Pav and Chai (tea) . Then we started our descent down to the waterfall. The way was very slippery, and thanks to my addidas shoes, I could never get a steady grip …lol… By the time I reached the waterfall, my black jeans had turned brown because of mud, as most of my way, I was sliding down mud.

We spend some time on top of the falls, to get our self cleaned, while the crew were tying the ropes to trees to make sure we are safe… They started explaining how the go down..

First few girls tried and backed off in mid way, because they were not able to push the ropes to go down.. In mean time the place looked beautiful, because you could see the clouds .. One moment, the whole place got foggy with no visibility and the next second it was clear… It rained was raining so heavily, that you could see many small waterfalls being created

My friends went down before me and I could see them doing it with ease. I knew one thing, that you needed to hold the ropes tight and support all your body weight with your hands and pray to god that the harness does not break lol…they said lean completely backwards and keep the foot on the mountain walls on your way down..


My turn came and I followed the instructions, it seemed easy. But after like 50 feet descent, I understood that mountains are not even.. My foot slept and I went chest first into the rocks.. It did not pain much . ..I managed to get in the leaning position again and started back.. But after another 100 ft, the walls were no more, we had to use our hands and release the ropes slowly.. For a second, my hands slipped and i was going down the falls, I looked down and saw huge rocks and was free-falling… My ropes got right again around 50 ft before the rocks and I was going up and down the cable.I could hear people below screaming , some even thought I was doing a stunt.. Only I knew the ropes slipped  :). That second, I literally felt my heart in my mouth.. It was a mixture of adrenaline and fear..

After my final descent, the guys helped me get my harness off, that instant I could literally not feel my hands, it felt so light..

Once done, I reached the place where all had assembled. Our instructor asked us to start the trek back to the base camp. It was an hour trek. He informed us that he would join us in around 15 minutes.

We started walking back and we walked , walked for around 3 hours and realised we were lost. The heavy rains filled the trail with water and no one could identify the way .. We all had feeling that we were even walking in circles..

We lost light, around 6 pm, and decided to together in a place. There was no dry land as it was raining . But still managed to find rocks to sit on. By that time, people started shivering because they were wet. No one had raincoat , flashlights because this situation was never expected.Mosquitos all over, and other insects, crabs , leech and no one could see which is what. No water to drink and food to eat..

We all sat in circle and started shouting names in intervals , hoping someone will hear us. At times we thought we heard someone shout back but realised it was our own echo.We thought we saw flashlights, but those were fireflies.. All we could hear was sound of rain, crickets, sound of waterfalls.. People started to lose hope.. We decided what ever happens, when the sun rises we will start to find our way back again..


After  waiting almost 7 hours, we did see flash lights and people howling. We shouted back so that they could find us. People found us and we took our 2 hours trek back to the base camp. We all were so happy and relieved to see vehicles and light..

There were quite a few vehicles that what we came in, we were taken to the place where we had breakfast and server dinner at around 3 am in the morning.

Then we came to know, that the people who came to our rescue were local cops, and we could not thank them enough.. The cops told us, that they had fished out around 200 bodies from the jungle in last few months. People who fell down on rocks, waterfalls, killed by leopards. They explained we were lucky and did a good thing of staying in group and shouting together, since that kept out the animals and spirits..


Everyone was in tears, and thankful to be alive. I looked at my phone and saw around 68 missed calls and 53 messages. All my close friends had called. Some even reached out to people from my office who were tagged on my FB posts to find out where I was. People dint sleep and where praying for me all the time, because they knew I would not leave message un answered normally.


I called up and informed them I was safe, Guess it was their prayers and blessing of the elders that kept me safe.. Never been happier to be on land, and wear dry clothes…


This was an experience for me .. Not sure if it is a good one, but certainly not a bad one.. And worth remembering all my life…

So things left in bucket list are Bike ride from east coast to west coast,Base jumping and sky diving :)….






2 thoughts on “#Dear life#man vs wild#fun#in god we trust# life is precious # friends for life

  1. So, you didn’t quite tell me everything. I didn’t panic as much as some, because sometimes you go a stretch without getting back to me. I figured you were out with friends, and recovering from the celebration. Now I see how much danger you were in.
    Happy you are home in one piece

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