#Kissing goodbye # Treasure # Holding on to moments

While cleaning out my closet, I found this today. The difference is every time in past when i looked at it, I had tears in my eyes. But today, It was smile. When I sit and think, may be I have grown up to understand, if I spend my life regretting the loss, then it might be demeaning to the other person up above because, they have given so many memories to smile .


As they say, the life of a person is how you remember them when they are no more. So I am going to justice and smile because she gave me some of the best memories worth cherishing


So here it is , to the whole world. Shouting on top of my voice… That I had someone in my life worth cherishing and she felt the same about me..



Piles of magazines left from two months ago
I’m clinging to old news
Memories I’m scared to loose
Now I find reminders down the sofa and under the bed
Three words could’ve made you stay
Three words that I left to late









4 thoughts on “#Kissing goodbye # Treasure # Holding on to moments

  1. Words cannot do justice to her beautiful letter. She obviously loved you very much, and you returned those feelings just as ardently.
    She knows you well–yes, knows, because I am sure her presence is still with you. I pray for her advice also, that you never change .
    Such a gift , her words.

  2. Incredible. I literally got goosebumps while reading this.
    Yes she loved u like anything, be proud that you have shared many great memories with her. 😃

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