Saturday Urges…In search of Coffee…

I don’t know about the rest, but at times I get these urges for eating particular food. This time it was the urge to have some good coffee… From where I live, you have roadside vendors in after every few meters who sell tea and coffee.. We call it ( Chai ki Tapri).

But I wanted to taste something different, not just any coffee. It’s hard to explain, but I wanted the aroma of the hot coffee, to cheer me up, it needs to be strong, the right mixture of milk, coffee and sugar. It should make me speechless on a single sip,and put my mind at ease.


I had such coffee in very few places, it would not say, those places grind fresh coffee seeds. But still they managed to quench my urge. One was a place in chennai, where they serve a thing called filter coffee, the next was a local dinner in the US, during my drive from Michigan to NJ ( None of the starbucks or any other coffee joint could ever replace that taste)…

People who know me well, know I can ask the weirdest and stupidest questions at times. So I had gotten a friendship request from an acquaintance of mine ( a work colleague). So I asked her which is the best place to get some coffee in ahmedabad ( I am not naming her here, Hope she did not  take it the wrong way). She gave me a few names, that were quite common and usual hangout place.

And I needed to take my bike for a spin as well. So decided to go explore some places on SG highway in search for it. Skimmed through many places, they were crowded and could see a lot of people sitting in group and spending time with their friends. For some reason those places did not seem to be right. After driving till Sola court, I understood that it might not be that easy to find a place that would actually serve what I need. And I was not ready for a compromise, so decided get off the main road, and took a right from the next junction.


After travelling for around 2 km’s found a small place at the corner of the road. The place was very small and had old empty paint tins around it, so that people can sit and talk. It was an old lady and there seemed to be no one there. I stopped my bike and went up to her.

Asked her if she has coffee, she said she does not and only has tea. I was disappointed and my head went down and started to walk back. She called me and said she will make it for me. That cheered me up and I sat on the tins waiting for the coffee. While she was making it, we had small conversations. She let me know that her kids are in city and working and she runs this small tea stall since she gets bored. She also told me she has cows at home and the milk used to make these come from them . I told her where I live and she told me why did I drive so long. I told her it was because I wanted to try the best coffee. She smiled at me and told me that, not many people do such crazy stuff.

I smiled back. As she was heating the milk and adding the coffee powder to it, the aroma started to come. It made me happy. My fingers were crossed, to taste it. Then the moment arrived, she served me the coffee in a porcelain cup. I took a sip, and O man.. I was speechless. The perfect measure and combination of milk, coffee and sugar.. I did it not finish it fast. I relished every sip I took. It was indeed satisfying.


I thanked her and left the place. On my way back, I was thinking that it might not actually be the place that defines the taste of something, it might not even be the ingredients, but might be the heart of the person who makes it. Might be the small talk I had with her, might be me telling her that I travelled so long for just a cup of coffee, or may be just because she was a lady and had the heart of a mother.


But whatever it is.. It was worth it…Atleast now I know, that in case I get this urge again. I have an address I can drive my bike to. 🙂







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