Life has strange ways with people…

Since I don’t want to name the person, let us call her my Thakurain .

Life is funny on its own ways, because you tend to meet and know people who were just another face at work.

So this is what happened, on August 12, I decided to have  a party with my colleague and we were having fun. Accidentally I opened my facebook account and found a friend request from Thakurain. I did remember the name since I have seen a lot of e mails from that ID, but after looking at the picture, I was a bit confused about if I am right on who the person is.

I also messaged her, if she knew me. Then I came to know who she was . She was the same person, who was mentioned on my blog , about me asking someone about the best places to get coffee.


We exchanged numbers and started speaking. I should tell you , she is one of few people who is filled with positive vibes, always cheerful and is easy to move along with. Trust me when I say, easy to move along with, because I generally do not speak to anyone if they don’t make me comfortable or have a feeling that they have  a mask.


This person is like a Pandora’s box of fun and energy. The radiance beautiful. A combination of being mature at the same time kindling the kid within that makes everyone around smile..

The value thakurain holds is exceptional, things like honesty, straight forwardness, family, culture along with personal cuteness.

A person who believes in destiny and a damn good friend. Discussing things like, mere liye ek ladka doondo and ya mujse shadi karlo, is always a pleasure to hear… An ideal candidate in my perspective who can always be looked up to for help when needed…

But darr ek he hai ki adat nahi padjaye.. Kyu ki wo ek achi adat hai 🙂


So lets see where these lead.and what destiny holds. But Happy I got to know such a person who has become a good friend.








2 thoughts on “Life has strange ways with people…

  1. Sometimes, someone crosses our path in life, right when we need them. We may not realize it then, but it can turn out to be a truly blessed moment as the journey continues.

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