I got Hacked … But for better…

Well before I start off writing about the actual incident, there are few things that I need to clarify and few things I realized.

Things I needed to clarify is that the writings are what I feel and not to be taken as a fact of it being right or wrong when you put compare it with your life. Second is that I am not a feminist, but I do believe that all people are created equal.


The things I realized are that

  • friends can go to any extent provided it turns out to be good, to make you realize you are stuck in this vicious circle of life and you have stopped living
  • Not all people show the same behavior that I follow on facebook ( Accepting any friends request in case if we have a common friend, and reject any request from a person you don’t know at all)
  • I need to get a life, and there is a thin line of difference between being ambitious and being an addict for work
  • I need to take out time for myself, at least during the weekends and instead of checking the e mails.


Let me start out changing the name of the characters ( Can’t use real names you know πŸ™‚ )

Beth: My friend who hacked my account

Patty: An indirect partner in crime with Beth :).


Let give you some background on Beth. She is a wonderful friend, who is down to earth. she is a personality development coach, an entrepreneur who runs her own event management first, a singer and is good with craft. Wait there is more… She does all this after fighting a bad marriage and cancer back to back. She has been through hell, but when you meet her it feels like she has never had problems in life. So full of positivity and fighting spirit.People say that if you want to be positive, surround yourself with positivity, hence I am lucky to have such a person as my friend

Patty: A friend of Beth, who was an indirect partner in crime ( you will get to know why when you read the incident). She is very ambitious, has dreams and one of those people who is brutally honest , level headed and has a good clarity about what she wants in life.
Last week I logged into my facebook account, I could see my message notifications indicating I had messages. When checked, there were few messages from unknown people asking me who am i and if I know them. This threw me off a bit, because why will someone I don’t know initiate a conversation like this. It’s when I spoke to them I realized that all of these people received a friendship request from my id.

For a second I felt like the ground under my feet shook, all the instances and reports on the account being hacked and misused came to my mind. I checked my wall and there were no stupid posts yet. I verified my account logs and then found out there was around 15-20 request sent out to random people.

I was relieved because there are worse things that can happen. Then I changed my password and other things to be sure, it does not happen again.

Then I get a message from Patty, asking who I was and why did I send her a request. I had to explain to her what happened and apologized.

Have you ever felt, that you talk to a stranger and you feel comfortable talking about anything? Maybe because they are no nonsense people, or maybe it is just the aura around them. For some strange reasons we started speaking frequently, maybe if I time the total chat time, it should be around 30-45 minutes a day.


In the mean time, I had a feeling that it was must have been anyone of my friends who might have done it. Started looking for a trend, and found out that all the invites triggered has one thing in common, all were friends of Beth.

When I confronted her, she downright denied it.


In the mean time, I was talking to Patty on all sorts of topics. It felt as if two people who know each other well are speaking. I at times felt, she would think, this guy never shuts up.


Then today, Patty messaged me saying she was guilty and confessed that it was Beth who did it and instigated her to talk to me. I was not angry, but just happy that I was right about who hacked the account.

But then, I was like, was Patty just talking for the heck of it. Strangely it felt as if she read my mind, as she answered the next minute, that it was just the inquiry on who I was that was instigated by Beth, but the rest was her choice. She even started explaining to me that, she is not someone who talks to strangers and accepts all the friend requests sent to her etc. But I was like, whattttt. I never considered you to be someone like that. As a matter of fact, I was quite comfortable talking to her just a person.


When I stop and think, while all these happened. I was able to detach myself from work, and it was so noble of Beth to pull such a prank on me. Well, she made my smile … And that’s what are friends for…… Love her for that…


But I feel so embarrassed, on what Patty would be thinking. That this guy from nowhere starts talking things to any stranger. I can’t make her understand that hey, I felt like I knew you from before… Lol.. it will look so cliche and flirtatious, which is never my intent. But it was the truth though that she was easy to speak kind of person.But I am so worried what she is thinking…


But for others who think, talking to strangers and confiding personal things are wrong, don’t worry. There is a whole new research behind it.

I do know I should not worry about what others think about me, as I never care a hoot. But for some strange reason, I am caring what patty thinks… Wierd…May be because she kinda has most of the things I am looking out in a person to share things with….But am not thinking about it too much, cause I don’t want to open some can of worms that I don’t want to handle πŸ™‚




3 thoughts on “I got Hacked … But for better…

  1. Sounds like it ended well, son. I am happy you have realized there is more to life than work, and will be having some fun on your weekends!
    Your friend took a risk, but she is a true friend, because she knows you well, and pushed you out of your comfort zone. You made a new friend, and found out how treasured you are by another.

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